Product #: JBLOTO

Weight: 30


Deodorant Granules great for use in theaters, schools, buses, hospitals, lavatories, hotels, service stations, airports, trains, bars and restaurants. Will quickly absorb regurgitated matter, urine and excess liquids. Leaves area dry, clean and deodorized. Especially useful in lavatories where the utmost in Sanitation is desired. Fragrant Blot-Out Deodorant Granules are scented, odor-absorbing and moisture-absorbing hydrous magnesium aluminum silicate granule blended with essential oils and/or steam distilled pine oil for superior masking of noxious odors where the utmost in sanitation is desired. Blot-Out will quickly absorb regurgitated matter, urine and excess liquid while leaving a pleasant scent. Excellent for garbage cans, dumpsters, pet shops and kennels, school buses, schools, theaters, hotels, service stations, airports, hospitals, trains, lavatories, restaurants and all public places.

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