5320-FL Super Bowl 320 oz.
Clear PET Plastic Flat Lid -

Product #: P5320FL


Keep your salads, pastas, snacks, and desserts fresh prior to serving with this Fineline 5320-FL Super Bowl 320 oz. clear plastic flat lid! With a secure seal, this lid snaps onto Fineline 320 oz. bowls to keep food contained and protected from unwanted germs, dirt, and debris. Not only is it clear for excellent product visibility and fast identification, it also shows off colorful, freshly-made to-go items at your grocery store or deli to help increase impulse sales. Made of lightweight, durable PET plastic, this lid has high impact resistance, ensuring it won't be punctured or cracked easily. Its flat design boasts innovative ridges so you can securely stack bowls for transport or display without worrying about them tipping or falling over. Trust this convenient, flat lid to keep your signature recipes covered at picnics, parties, and catered events! Overall Dimensions: Top Diameter: 12" Maximum Diameter: 15 1/4" Height: 1"